• July 24, 2017
Dr. Fatemeh Afshari


The College has opened its fifth group practice, the Vivaldi Clinic, in Room 329—the most recently renovated clinic in the College.

Dr. Fatemeh Afshari, Clinical Associate Professor, Restorative Dentistry is the Managing Partner.

After earning her DMD from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Afshari earned her Certificate in Prosthodontics and her MS in Oral Sciences from the UIC College of Dentistry in 2009. She then joined the faculty as a Clinical Assistant Professor in Restorative Dentistry, and was promoted to Clinical Associate Professor.

She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Johnson & Johnson Preventative Dentistry Award, UIC Council of Excellence in Teaching and Learning Awards, and the 2016 Claude Baker Faculty Award.

Dr. Afshari has taught in a variety of prosthodontic pre-patient courses within the predoctoral program. More recently, she served as the course director of the complete denture pre-patient course and attending faculty within the Predoctoral Implant Clinic.

As Dr. Afshari transitions to her new position, she stated, “My new duties allow me to interact with students within the new Vivaldi Clinic on a day-to-day basis and hopefully play a larger role in their career development as future oral health care providers.

“Since my previous responsibilities included instructor in several pre-patient courses and course director for complete dentures, I’m also hoping to help connect the knowledge and skills of the pre-patient care to the clinical setting,” she added. “Thus, we can better build upon all the didactic knowledge students have gained in their initial years at the College as they move into the clinical realm of dentistry.”

Dr. Afshari said she hopes “to provide for a robust learning environment for my students and an encouraging dental home for our patients and community.

“Hopefully, my training in prosthodontics and experience in pre-patient courses, predoctoral clinics, and research has equipped me with the knowledge and ability to help my students reach the goals they have set for themselves,” she added.

“I want them to realize their potential to become competent clinicians, academicians, researchers, and life-long learners and truly comprehend the influence that they alone can have on those around them,” she said.

Dr. Afshari noted, “It is truly an honor to be appointed to this position. I am grateful for all the support I have received from my mentors, Dr. Stephen Campbell and Dr. Kent Knoernschild, and my colleagues, Dr. Judy Yuan and Dr. Cortino Sukotjo. I look forward to working with Dr. Susan Rowan and other Managing Partners to build upon all the hard work and accomplishments of those before me. I also look forward to accomplishing great things in Vivaldi with our newest clinic manager, Ronnie Karmo.”

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