• July 23, 2017
Dr. Caswell Evans, Dr. Sally Lundeen and Dr. William Cape

Erie Family Health Center, which provides accessible, affordable, high quality healthcare in community-based health centers, recently presented its Golden Toothbrush Award to Dr. Caswell Evans, Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health Sciences.

Erie Family Health Center works to ensure that its patients understand that good oral health is related to their overall health and well-being. Their oral health program has expanded through the years to now serve more than 11,500 people at four locations that integrate a patient’s medical and dental care.

In awarding the Golden Toothbrush to Dr. Evans, Erie stated, “Your leadership at UIC College of Dentistry has contributed significantly to Erie’s growth, as many of our dentists received their education at UIC. Moreover, Erie and the public health community as a whole have benefited tremendously from your role as an educator and champion for the integration of medical and dental care."

“Erie Family Health Center operates on the basis that oral health is integral to overall health,” Dr. Evans explained. “Oral health is health. Erie is an excellent model for medical-dental integration in concept and practice.

“The College, particularly students, certainly benefits through the strong working relation we have with Erie,” he continued. “D-4 students rotate there as part of the DCLE course and can experience this practice model.”

Dr. Evans concluded that, “To be recognized by Erie is a personal honor as I consider it to be an outstanding and forward-thinking organization.”

Erie Family Health Center is one of the community-based partner sites in which D-4 students from the College engage in service-learning experiences. Students devote a minimum of 50 days at Erie and other sites providing care to underserved populations including children, the developmentally disabled, HIV-positive, and geriatric patients. The program is under Dr. Evans’ authority.

Photo caption: Erie Family Health Center honored Dr. Caswell Evans (left) with the Golden Toothbrush Award, Dr. Sally Lundeen with the Health Innovator Award, and Dr. William Cape with the Health Program Champion Award. 

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