Dental Museums and Collections

The Kottemann Gallery of Dentistry

Kottemann GalleryThe UIC College of Dentistry has had a profound impact on dental teaching, research, and public service. Its Kottemann Gallery of Dentistry chronicles the innovative research and accomplishments of the College's faculty and students, which have had international impact on dentistry. Located on the fifth floor of the College, the Kottemann Gallery displays graphics, text, and approximately 200 artifacts of dental equipment and instruments.The gallery is named for Dr. George Kottemann, a 1955 alumnus of the College of Dentistry, and his wife, Norma, who are major donors for the exhibit.

You don't have to be a major donor to become a part of history at the Kottemann Gallery of Dentistry. Benefactors are being sought to make small contributions of from $100 to $500 to cover the conservation costs of individual items. For more information, contact William S. Bike at (312) 996-8495.

The Du Brul Collection

DuBrul Skull CollectionInterested in maipulating a mastodon molar or casting a crocodile skull? The Du Brul Collection, donated to the UIC College of Dentistry by the late Dr. E. Lloyd Du Brul and his wife, Florence Du Brul, provides an opportunity to do so. It is the finest collection of human, animal, and prehistoric specimens in the world.

Included in the collection are reptile, fish, and rodent skeletons; wooly-mammoth and elephant teeth; a variety of mammal and human specimens, and much more. "Some of the material, like the fetal human cranium, can no longer be gotten because there is no importing of human skeletal material anymore," said Dr. Tom Lakars, assistant professor of oral anatomy. "The collection is irreplaceable." For information, call (312) 996-8495.