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Welcome to the UIC College of Dentistry student organization page! 


American Student Dental Association (ASDA) at UIC

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The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students. UIC ASDA desires to enrich the dental school journey of our members by offering events to aid in personal and professional development, offer resourceful Dinner and Learns for navigating life after dental school, and educational events on current legislative issues affecting our state and members. But we aren’t all business and no pleasure. To help remind our members that life is bigger than late nights in 422, we enjoy staying active with our Annual Summer Volleyball Tournament and 3v3 Basketball Tournament. We love supporting our boys in our No Shave November and Mr. Molar fundraisers to showcase the oddly terrific talents of our members, topped off with a proposal from our Mr. Molar 2019 Winner!

Instagram: @asdauic
Organization Email:

  • President: Subeena Thomas,
  • Vice-President: Greg Benz,
  • Vice-President: Sonal Patel,
  • President-Elect: Martin Ryan,
  • Secretary: Shrasta Tamrakar,
  • Treasurer: Maitri Shah,
  • Social Media: Mariell Demertzis,


American Dental Education Association (ADEA) at UIC

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Our ADEA Chapter is a very involved organization at the UIC College of Dentistry. Our goal is to build an interconnected community, enhance dental education, and strive for scientific and public policy improvements in healthcare. We aim to facilitate greater interaction among students with instructors and to introduce and encourage students to seek a career in dental education. Our chapter is unique in that we have a peer mentoring program, through which upperclassmen guide the students in the classes below with navigating the challenges of the UIC dental curriculum. Additionally, ADEA student members participate in volunteer efforts in the local community, attend engaging lunch and learns at the college and learn to appreciate dental academia throughout their studies at the college.

Organization Email:

  • President: Sofia Thompson,
  • Vice-President: Lily Fayz, 
  • Treasurer: Shira Berger,
  • Secretary: Kheya Patel,
  • PMP Director: Scott Bicknell,
  • President Emeritus: Selam Totonchi,


Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry - UIC Chapter

SPEA Logo.png


The Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry is a national, student driven association that was established to promote and support students’ lifelong commitment to ethical behavior in order to benefit the patients they serve and to further the dental profession. Past events: Aspirated tools lunch and learn,Ghosts that Haunt Us (ethical situations: Halloween lunch and learn,) Implementation of new technology in a dental office (lunch and learn),Sugar Shout Outs (ethical goody bag sale),Trip to National meeting.


  • President: Harry Ruther,
  • Vice-President: Shivani Patel,


American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD)

AAPHD logo - Evan Fry.png

Provides a focus for meeting the challenge to improve oral health. Provide leadership in ensuring optimal oral health for individuals and communities AAPHD membership is open to all individuals concerned with improving the oral of the public.AAPHD accepts the challenge to improve total health for all citizens through development and support of effective programs of oral health promotions and disease prevention.

Organization Email:

  • President: Scott Bicknell,
  • President Elect: Jamie Bandy,
  • Secretary: Brian Currie,
  • Treasurer: Amy Lin,


Delta Sigma Delta at UIC (DSD)
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DSD pic.jpeg

Delta Sigma Delta is the only dental fraternity on campus here at UIC. Our chapter has operated on campus since 1901, and brings together dental students from all years of school to socialize, share learning experiences, and continually move the profession of dentistry forward. DSD is a great way to meet upper classmen and socialize with other students outside of the classroom. We host a variety of events throughout the year including a D1 orientation social, anatomy tutoring, holiday parties, and several other events. During the Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, we also host a networking event for dental students from around the country. Overall, DSD is a great way to network with students from UIC and the region as a whole.

Organization Email:

  • President: Michael Steinmetz,
  • Vice President / President Elect: Jeremy Joseph,
  • Treasurer: Patrick Sofer,
  • Secretary: Sonal Patel,
  • Social Chair: Amy Diaz,


Dental Charity Foundation 

dental charity ball logo.png

Dental Charity Foundation Pic.JPG

The Dental Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating events and opportunities to help provide oral healthcare to the underserved population in Chicago. Our two events, Dental Charity Ball and the Tooth Ferry, raise proceeds to fund outreach projects, as well as dental treatment for patients at UIC College of Dentistry.

Organization email:

  • President: Sonal Patel,
  • Past President: Yiran Xu,
  • Past Treasurer: Ellie Park,


American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD)


AAWD pic.jpeg

We aim to promote the advancement of women in the field of dentistry and provide learning through community service and volunteerism.

Instagram: @uicaawd
Organization Email:

  • Co-President: Amanda Nikho,
  • Co-President: Esha Munshi,
  • Secretary: Aasiya Mohammed
  • Treasurer: Ayesha Khan
  • Social Directors: Jennifer Cacho, Pamela Kowalik


American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry at UIC (AAPD)

AAPD logo.png

AAPD pic.jpeg

The AAPD Student Chapter at UIC's mission is "to initiate and promote a better understanding and appreciation of dentistry for children among dental students." We organize events such as free screenings, Healthy Starts, and Lunch & Learns to help educate our fellow DMD candidates about pediatric dentistry. We are lucky enough to have the AAPD headquarters right here in Chicago, allowing us to visit and stay updated on the Academy's missions.

Instagram: @uic.aapd
Organization Email:

  • President: Katy Grunenwald,
  • Vice President: Shira Berger,
  • Secretary: Jennifer Jan,
  • Community Service Chair: Diamond Grady, grady6
  • Fundraising/Treasurer Co-Chairs: Linda Ruan, and Dominique Bertucci,


    Student National Dental Association at UIC (SNDA)

    large_SNDA Logo.png






    For four decades, the SNDA has been fulfilling its purpose of promoting fellowship and cooperation among its members and aiding in the advancement of minority students in dentistry. Our mission was established in 1970, and it continuously remains to promote, support, and encourage a promising academic and social environment for minority dental students. We are committed to providing oral hygiene education to all through our outreach efforts, increasing the presence of minorities within dental school and dental education, as well as improving access to care and the delivery of dental services to all people, emphasizing minorities and the under-served. In the 21st century, we have furthered our purpose of supporting minority dental students within accredited dental schools through the publication of a monthly newsletter, financial scholarships to assist its members, and development of the National Leadership Conference and the grand Annual National Convention.


    • President: Bryant Ukaigwe,
    • Vice President: Juaquan Savage,
    • Treasurer: Brian Currie,
    • Secretary: Sarah Kanchwala,


    Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA)


    HSDA pic.jpg

    HSDA aims to advocate for the oral health issues of the Hispanic community. As a club we have focused on providing Spanish cards and classes for peers who have Spanish speaking patients. Also, we work with the UIC-COD Community Health Dental Clinic where students are able to volunteer and help the community.

    Organization email:

    • President: Heinery Arevalo,
    • Vice President: Faraj Mahchi,
    • Treasurer: Sofia Thompson,
    • Co-Secretary: Melissa Camargo,
    • Co-Secretary: Mark Macak,


    Association of Muslim Dental Students (AMDS)

    AMDS LOGO - Maha Khaden.PNG

    The Association of Muslim Dental Students is an organization serving Muslim dental students and anyone interested in learning about the Islamic faith and culture within the College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We engage in religious, social and community activities with efforts of promoting the field of Dentistry, supporting educational and intellectual pursuits of dentistry and continue to promote the goals of Muslim students in the College of Dentistry, and thus serve our faiths as best we can. Our efforts coincide with that of the College of Dentistry, in facilitating a better environment for Muslim dental students on campus, educating both Muslims and people of other faith about the religion of Islam, allowing the building of bridges and understanding in our diverse community through dental services and activism.

    Organization email:

    • President:Tawfik Abdul Dayem,
    • Vice President: Bushra Zafar,
    • Secretary: Mariam Saadeh,
    • Treasurer: Saad Ghani,


    Pan Asian Student Dental Association (PASDA)

    PASDA Logo - Timothy Ng.png

    To unite Asian-American dental students in order to educate and provide care to underserved and/or immigrant populations throughout the Chicagoland area; as well as create a platform to engage in interprofessional care with other health disciplines.

    Organization email:

    • President: Kayla Jang,
    • Vice-President: Amy Lin,


    Middle Eastern Student Dental Association (MESDA)

    MEDSA Logo.png

    We're a recently reinstated club with a purpose to promote the advancement of our members in the field of dentistry, provide learning through community service, and be a platform for the representation of those from Middle Eastern descent at the UIC College of Dentistry.

    Organization Email:

    • Co-President: Amanda Nikho,
    • Co-President: Tawfik Abdul Dayem,
    • Secretary: Mutasem Al-Thweib,
    • Treasurer: Muhanad Alkhatib,


      Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

      CMDA Logo.png

      CMDA pic.png

      The purpose of this organization is for oral health care professionals to serve as witnesses of Christ's love and compassion, and advancing biblical principles within the profession, Church and community. We do this through service events such as Operation Christmas Child that allow us to serve the community. We also have regular meetings and activities are open to all students, residents, staff and faculty that include, but are not limited to, Bible studies, prayer meetings, discussion groups, special guest speakers, breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings, group presentations and off­ campus activities as planned by students and graduate sponsors.

      Organization Email:

      • President: Nicholas Girgis,
      • Co-Vice President: Lily Lou,
      • Co-Vice President: Ji Young Yoon,
      • Treasurer: Amy Lin,
      • Secretary: Rebecca Choi,


      UIC College of Dentistry Pride Alliance 

      COD Pride Alliance Logo.jpg

      COD Pride Alliance Pic.jpg

      The UIC College of Dentistry Pride Alliance strives to create a welcoming environment for all to share in the common goal of professional and personal advancement in dentistry and beyond. Our mission is to provide a safe space for all people, particularly those from underrepresented and marginalized communities including the LGBTQ+ community, and to advance oral health within these communities.


      • Co-President: Brian Currie,
      • Co-President: Faraj Mahchi,
      • Treasurer: Connor Schroyer,
      • Secretary: Kyle Adkins,


          Periodontal Club at UIC 

          Periodontal Club Pic.jpg

          The Periodontal Club (Perio Club) at UIC College of Dentistry aims to provide programs and education on topics and procedures that are within the realm of the surgical specialty of periodontics. We have offered lunch and learns as well as suturing workshops.

          Organization email:

          • President: Crystal Chun,
          • Vice President: Jordan Franklin,,
          • Treasurer: Matt Tokarski,
          • Secretary: Shreya Thakkar,



          Eco Educators Logo.png

          Eco Educators pic.jpg

          The Eco-Educators strive to bring awareness of environmental issues to the College of Dentistry and to reduce its environmental impact. Areas of focus include materials stewardship, waste reduction, and environmentally friendly dental protocols. The Eco-Educators frequently provide unique learning experiences to the College community through a variety of lunch and learns, which also include discussion of general environmental issues.


          • President: Evan Fry,



          Build your skill set and gain a leg up on the competition when pursuing other ventures after dental school. Be apart of something larger and more impactful, represent your peers, and become a leader.

          For your organization to be officially recognized by UIC and the College of Dentistry, you must register your organization with Campus Programs. The organization then has one month to submit an Organization Registration Form (available in Room 104) and its constitution and bylaws to Braulia Espinosa and Carolyn Feller.


          For more information on the College of Dentistry's Student Organizations:

          Dr. Darryl D. Pendleton
          Associate Dean for Student and Diversity Affairs
          801 South Paulina Street, Room 104B

          Dr. Rhonna Cohen, DDS, PhD
          Associate Professor, Director and Advisor of Pre-Dental Undergraduate Program
          801 South Paulina Street, Room 104B

          Dr. Sheela Raja
          Director of Resilience Center
          801 S. Paulina Street, Room 104

          Ms. Carolyn Feller
          Director of Student and Diversity Affairs
          801 South Paulina Street, Room 104D

          Ms. Braulia Espinosa
          Director of Student and Diversity Affairs
          801 South Paulina Street, Room 104C

          Ms. Meah Rogers, MPH
          Assistant Director of Student and Diversity Affairs
          801 South Paulina Street, Room 104

          Ms. Laura Macias
          Admissions Specialist
          801 South Paulina Street, Room 104

          Ms. Millie Mendez
          Student Advocate
          801 South Paulina Street, Room 104

          Ms. Hannah Bonecutter
          Graduate Student Worker
          801 South Paulina Street, Room 104