Student Organizations
UIC College of Dentistry dental student organizations

Alpha Omega (AO)


Alpha Omega is a 108-year-old dental organization that fosters professional excellence, local outreach and international philanthopy through fraternal and Judaic values. AO's mission is to enhance the dental profession and lives of dental professionals worldwide by promoting and supporting global oral health, education, and philanthropy. AO is more than a fraternity, it is a family! AO members are partnering worldwide to help improve the lives of many communities. We are proud of the work that was recently done by AO and the Henry Schein Cares Holocaust program for the last of the Holocaust survivors. AO consists of over 100 local student and alumni chapters worldwide, membership of over 5,000 dentists, and is represented in 16 countries. There are many ways to get involved such as externship programs, regional meetings, international convention and alumni dinners.


American Dental Education Association (ADEA)

large_ADEA_Chapter-Color300dpi[1] (1)_1.jpgThe American Dental Education Association Council of Students, Residents and Fellows consists of students representing pre-doctoral dental programs and advanced dental education programs in North America.  As members of ADEA, we are the student voice of dental education. The goal of ADEA is to build an interconnected community, help determine best practices for dental education, encourage changes in dental education program and institution that will help benefit everyone, and strive for scientific and public policy improvements in healthcare. When you become involved in ADEA you gain access to life-long mentors, the opportunity to participate in national meetings, scholarship opportunities, and a voice in and insight into dental education.


Association of Muslim Dental Students (AMDS)

large_AMDS.jpgThe Association of Muslim Dental Students is an organization serving Muslim dental students and anyone interested in learning about the Islamic faith and culture within the College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We engage in religious, social and community activities with efforts of promoting the field of Dentistry, supporting educational and intellectual pursuits of dentistry and continue to promote the goals of Muslim students in the College of Dentistry, and thus serve our faith as best we can. Our efforts coincide with that of the College of Dentistry, in facilitating a better environment for Muslim dental students on campus, educating both Muslims and people of other faith about the religion of Islam, allowing the building of bridges and understanding in our diverse community through dental services and activism.


American Association of Women Dentist (AAWD)

large_aawd-logo.pngThe UIC chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists is an organization dedicated to advancing, connecting, and enriching the lives of women dentists’. Through social events, public service, and advocacy, we strive to represent the interests of UIC’s female students and faculty. Through our organization, there are opportunities to connect with fellow UIC women dentists from all years, volunteer with underserved communities, and connect with Chicago dental professionals. We also have opportunities for students interested to get involved in the national chapter of AAWD through advocacy and leadership. Past events include: AAWD Specialty Lunch & Learn, Volunteering with Mujeres en Accione (Women in Action), Girls 4 Science tutoring, Galentine’s Sushi Night, Fondue night, Wine & Paint senior send-off, Bake Sale for Haiti, Donut and Coffee fundraiser, Annual Initiation dinner, Chicago’s Midwinter meeting booth, attending the AAWD National Meeting. Time commitment? Minimal.  Is it worth it to join? Definitely.


American Association of Public Health Dentistry - Goldie's Place

large_AAPHD Goldies Place.pngGoldie’s Place is a support center for homeless individuals. UIC-Goldie’s Place is the nation’s first completely student-run dental clinic. First through fourth year dental students provide all aspects of care including: OHI, prophy, SRP, local anesthesia, direct restorations, extractions, and flippers. Students also experience scheduling patients and running a dental clinic; this is something you don’t get much experience with in dental school. Younger students are given the opportunity to get a hands on experience early on in their dental education and third and fourth year dental students coach the younger students through their first procedures. It’s a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community and learn more about dentistry.

video-play-icon1-50.png Students Lead Dental Clinic at Goldies Place Serving the Homeless 


American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

large_UIC ASDA Logo.pngASDA is a student-run organization that represents about 90% of the dental students across the country, and is the largest student organization here at UIC. ASDA works to protect the rights and interests of dental students while providing a way to be active in the dental community and become a leader amongst your peers. Here at UIC, you can be involved in one or all of our diverse committees including: service, legislative, pre-dental, fundraising, education, membership, and networking. When you get involved with ASDA, you have access to regional and national professional events where you have the opportunity to network with other dental students and learn about key issues facing our profession.

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

large_CMDA Photo.pngThe Christian Medical & Dental Association exists to glorify God by motivating, educating and equipping Christian healthcare professionals and students. Our mission is to invite Christ's presence on campus in and through healthcare; provide an avenue for dental students to reconnect with God and their Christian faith in the midst of the busyness of dental school; and foster relationships that build community and encourage both spiritual and professional growth. Throughout the year, CMDA offers students opportunities to serve the community as well as build relationships with students and faculty at the College of Dentistry through various community service events, social events, and weekly meetings. Our chapter at the UIC College of Dentistry holds weekly meetings during the lunch hour for Bible studies, food, and fellowship with one another. Everyone is invited and welcome! 


Delta Sigma Delta (DSD)

large_Delta Sigma Delta.JPGDelta Sigma Delta is an international organization of dental professionals dedicated to the highest ethical standards of clinical practice and professional education. The Rho chapter at UIC COD offers networking, social, and philanthropic opportunities to its members and strives for academic excellence.


Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA)

large_HSDA Logo.jpgThe Hispanic Student Dental Association at UIC is an organization that aims to create a unified voice for dental students and faculty, and seeks to promote and advocate the oral health issues of the Hispanic community in Illinois. We do this by following the four principles of our mission SEAL: Service, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership. HSDA at UIC volunteers at a wide variety of events and locations, from free health clinics to church and school health fairs. We provide education in the forms of oral hygiene instruction at various volunteer events, and Spanish class education for our fellow classmates within our own college. We advocate for the advancement of oral health within Latino communities by engaging in activities and dialogues with our parent chapter, the Hispanic Dental Association, and we attend annual conferences as leaders representing our chapter’s efforts. We also love to enrich our experience at UIC with cultural food sales and social events.



Indian Student Dental Association (ISDA)

large_ISDA_0.pngThe goal of the Indian Student Dental Association (ISDA) is to express and share the Indian culture with the college community in hopes of building a connection between all students and cultures. Ultimately, this will serve to unite the Indian community at the UIC College of Dentistry and provide unique education, philanthropic, and mentorship opportunities to all members. We welcome all pre-dental and dental students of all ethnicities to join and reap the benefits of a fun, exciting, and culturally diverse organization!




Middle Eastern Dental Student Association (MEDSA)

large_MEDSA pic.jpgMEDSA was created to celebrate the Middle Eastern culture at UIC, promote community outreach and education, and encourage networking between our members and faculty. Join MEDSA and enjoy our lunch and learns, hangouts with the faculty, and exclusive volunteering opportunities.  MEDSA is supported by collaborative efforts and by networking with community and academic partners to promote oral health literacy and reduce health disparities in the Chicago region and beyond. Our hope is to create programs and events to help the growing number of Middle Eastern refugees gain access to dental care. MEDSA is about fun as well, our members and leadership board organize soccer games and everyone is invited to join! MEDSA is proud to have Dr. Nuha Nakib as the supervising faculty. Please visit our website to learn more about our events and activities, and feel free to emails us with any questions and suggestions.


College of Dentistry Pride Alliance (CODPA)

large_11222011_1048412448542462_3225737692202580697_n.jpgThe purpose of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry Pride Alliance (UIC COD PA) is to provide COD students, staff workers, and faculty members with a safe space that affirms all gender expressions, identities, and sexualities. Additionally, the UIC CODPA intends to serve the Lesbian Gay Trans Queer/Questioning Ally (LGBTQA) Chicagoland community through oral health-oriented volunteerism.


Student National Dental Association (SNDA)

large_SNDA Logo.pngWhat is the SNDA? Well, if the SNDA was a person attending a university, it would declare a major in Diversity/Community Service and a minor in African American Culture. The Student National Dental Association is an organization that is all about the “inclusive we.” We accept members of all races, creeds, colors, and religions. Our goal is to improve the oral health care within our communities and abroad. Our dedication is to the advancement of students within the field of dentistry. SNDA has and continues to provide proper oral hygiene education through various outreach efforts and an increase the access to care within communities, with emphasis on the minorities and the undeserved. The SNDA has had a long-standing goal for over 40 years to promote, aid and support the academic and social environment of minority students. We are always excited to have more members dedicated to community improvement!


Build your skill set and gain a leg up on the competition when pursuing other ventures after dental school. Be apart of something larger and more impactful, represent your peers, and become a leader.

For your organization to be officially recognized by UIC and the College of Dentistry, you must register your organization with Campus Programs. The organization then has one month to submit an Organization Registration Form (available in Room 104) and its constitution and bylaws to Millie Mendez.