OMS-Res-MatthewMcKnight_1.jpgMatthew McKnight, DDS (University of Illinois at Chicago)
OMFS-MD-integrated program (OMFS)





OMS-Res-MohmedVasimMomin_0.jpgMohmed Vasim Momin, DDS (New York University)
OMFS-MD-integrated program (OMFS)





OMS-Res-ChadPetersen_0.jpgChad Petersen, DDS (Creighton University School of Dental Medicine)





OMS-Res-DavidSalomon_0.jpgDavid Salomon, DDS (University of Maryland, Baltimore)





OMS-Res-Michael Lloyd_0.jpgMichael Lloyd, DMD (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
OMFS-MD-integrated program (General Surgery)





OMS-Res-ChristopherColby_0.jpgChristopher Colby, DDS (University of Illinois at Chicago)






OMS-Res-LauraPashkowsky_0.jpgLaura Pashkowsky, DDS (University Of California, Los Angeles)






OMS-Res-PaulPamula_0.jpgPaul Pamula, DDS (University of Illinois at Chicago)

OMFS-MD Integrated Program (Medical School, 4th Year)






1.pngWilliam Moll, DDS (Indiana University School of Dentistry)





150619_Hawkins_Alex_06_0.jpgAlexandra Hawkins, DDS (Southern Illinois University)







150619_Houle_Ashley_06_0.jpgAshley Houle, DDS (Columbia University School of Dental Medicine)

OMFS-MD Integrated Program (Medical School, 3rd Year)







160630_Ponnusamy_Shouvik_12_0.jpgShouvik Ponnusamy, DMD (University of Illinois)







160630_Albright_Tim_08_0.jpgTimothy Albright (University of Iowa)







160630_Munaretto_Alex_08_0.jpgAlexander Munarretto, DMD (University of Illinois)

OMFS-MD Integrated Program (OMFS)

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The UIC College of Dentistry in Chicago provides a comprehensive scope of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery services and procedures, including facial and jaw reconstructive surgery, implants, bone grafting, sinus lift procedures, skeletal deformities,  craniofacial anomalies, facial traumatic injuries, TMJ disorders, head and neck cancer microneurosurgery, obstructive sleep apnea, facial aesthetic surgery, dental and facial infections. 

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