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The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry is a worldwide leader in clinical care that is patient-centered and evidence-based, with a foundation in preventive and public health sciences; integrated education programs based on advanced technology; and interdisciplinary, innovative research. Our mission is to promote optimum oral and general health to the people of the State of Illinois and worldwide. Striving for perfection in education, patient care, research, and service helps us to achieve that goal.

We are the flagship oral health College in the State of Illinois offering outstanding education, research, and patient care. We continually invest in our clinical, research and learning facilities to improve our student and patient experiences. We have an innovative, nationally recognized Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program led by world-class faculty and students who have achieved a 100% pass rate on the Part 1 and 2 ADA board exams. Our innovative curriculum integrates foundational and clinical learning through early access to patient care. Our state-of-the-art learning labs and patient care clinics offer a complete digital workflow, advanced imaging and digital diagnostic and care planning. Students gain valuable training experience while sharing in our commitment to public health and community engagement through extramural rotations in carefully selected community-based clinics throughout Chicago and northern Illinois.  Students have the opportunity to participate in special track devoted to public health, early specialization, comprehensive general practice, and research. Our innovative and comprehensive academic programs, excellent faculty, strong research focus, and location in a world-class city set us apart from other oral health colleges.


The College of Dentistry provides thoughtful educational programs for students and professionals in a respectful environment that celebrates life-long learning. The College offers an innovative pre-doctoral Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program, and the Doctor of Dental Medicine Advanced Standing (DMD-AS) program. The DMD curriculum offers foundational coursework in the biomedical and clinical sciences, comprehensive care courses that integrate foundational learning, small group learning settings, and clinical learning throughout the four-year program. In addition to the DMD program, the College of Dentistry offers a comprehensive array of educational programs including postgraduate advanced training, graduate and joint degrees, externships, international observations, volunteer opportunities and community based service-learning extramural rotations.


Innovative Curriculum

A problem-based model guides our DMD curriculum, allowing students to experience a diagnostic process very early in their education. Our innovative case-based curriculum, called Small Group Learning (SGL) integrates foundational learning and clinical learning throughout the four-year program. The interdisciplinary case scenarios place learning in the context of a real-world patient problem/concern and emphasize the relationship between systemic and oral diseases, health and prevention, family and community context, disease diagnosis and evidence based practice. The SGL curriculum structure offers students several benefits:

  • Increased capacity to find and apply information relevant to clinical cases
  • Improved higher-order reasoning
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration


State-of-The-Art Technology

Our clinical facilities, learning and research labs are newly renovated and incorporate the latest in health technology. Students have access to the latest in digital dentistry technology to enhance learning and apply best practices.

  • Instructional Technology tools: AxiUm Ed, Blackboard Learning Management System
  • Digital imaging: CEREC 3D system (CAD/CAM), 3D image analysis, Computed tomography (CT), Orthocad 3D modeling, craniofacial anomaly imaging


Patient Care

Our students become competent health care professionals who provide comprehensive and compassionate patient-centered care. The dental clinics at the College of Dentistry offer a complete range of dental and oral health services. Care is available in a variety of settings for patients with both simple (i.e. cleanings and fillings) comprehensive and complex (root canals, braces, implants, dentures, oral surgery) as well as urgent care needs. Our clinical facilities, learning and research labs are newly renovated and incorporate the latest in health technology. Students have access to the latest in digital dentistry technology to enhance learning and apply best practices.


Students and faculty at the College of Dentistry are engaged in groundbreaking research to improve oral health. Our research is focused on advancing oral health and the ongoing scholarly development, enrichment, and programs for our students and faculty. This includes laboratory-, clinical-, and educational-based research initiatives, as well as multidisciplinary programs in bio-materials science, molecular biology, education, and the clinical sciences. 


Community Service

Community service-learning is an essential component of the College’s mission. We value diversity in our students, staff, faculty, and patients and seek an understanding of our culturally-diverse population. This understanding helps us address the healthcare needs of underserved populations, both locally and globally, through outreach and educational programs. Community engagement is facilitated through various service projects, including clinical rotations during the fourth year of the DMD program. Students can choose from carefully selected service-learning experiences in community-based settings in Chicago, throughout Illinois and the United States, as well as internationally. These experiences allow students to provide care to the underserved urban, rural, and special needs populations including children, developmentally disabled, HIV positive and geriatric patients. Community service-learning programs are administered by the College of Dentistry Division of Prevention and Public Health Sciences.


See our Leadership and Dean's Message for more information about the College's vision, mission, and values.


Quick Facts


  • Academics. The UIC College of Dentistry enrolls, educates and graduates more students to support the oral health workforce for the State of Illinois than any other dental college in the state. The class of 2015 (first class of new SGL based curriculum) passed both Part 1 and 2 of the national ADA dental board exam with a 100% pass rate, on the first time taking the exam, and performed above national average in all areas of basic science and clinic science. Often, they are ranked at top of the nation on scores.
  • Patient Care. UIC College of Dentistry is the largest dental clinic system in the state of IL - in 2014, we served over 122,400 patient visits. Of the 122,400 patient visits, 18,000 were pediatric patient visits. 
  • Faculty. UIC College of Dentistry employs 123 full and part-time faculty with 14 faculty having part-time administration duties (including the Dean) or 11% of the faculty with duties such as admissions, research, student affairs, finance and operations, etc. All faculty with administrative duties participate in the educational, research and/or patient care missions of the College.
  • Research. UIC College of Dentistry is a level-1 research institution, with a research portfolio of more than 19 research faculty and DOD/NIH funding of over $6.9 million in current direct funding.
  • Dual-degrees. UIC College of Dentistry offers dual training dental and research training programs with unique value to students seeking multidisciplinary studies. The PhD/DMD , PhD in Oral Sciences and DMD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science programs offer students the opportunity to pursue careers as oral health clinician scientists, conducting research and training future generations of dentists.