Ana Bedran-Russo, DDS, MS, PhD

Associate Professor
Director, Laboratory of Applied Dental Biomaterials and Interfaces
UICollaboratory Profile

Education & Career

  • Aracatuba School of Dentistry, Brazil, DDS
  • CranioFacial Anomalies Center in Bauru, Brazil, hospital residency
  • Piracicaba School of Dentistry, Brazil, MS, 2000
  • Piracicaba School of Dentistry, Brazil, PhD, 2003
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, post-doctoral work, 2004
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, post-doctoral work, 2005

Research Interests

The tooth is a very complex structure that can be modified over time due to aging and disease process. It is important to understand the biochemical and mechanical properties of the tooth in order to develop reparative/regenerative biomaterials to replace lost tooth structure. Therefore, we conduct studies to investigate the mechanical and biochemical properties of specific sites in the tooth and also investigate the interface between biomaterials and the tooth structures. Using a biomimetic approach, we study the use of agents that can strengthen the tooth and consequently improve the properties of the tooth and tooth-restoration interface. In addition, our laboratory investigates the effects of various biomaterials applied to the tooth and their potential effect on the tooth properties.


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Research Areas