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Periodontics Postgraduate Program

The Department of Periodontics provides instruction and clinical experience dealing with the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the periodontium in adults. This includes surgical placement of implants and implant maintenance. Programs are conducted by experienced faculty at the predoctoral and postdoctoral levels and in continuing education for dental professionals. The postdoctoral program is a 33-month clinical specialty training agenda leading to a Certificate of Proficiency in Periodontics and a research experience that can lead to an MS degree. The Departmental goal is to provide the predoctoral and postdoctoral student with a strong educational foundation in periodontology for their future careers in Dentistry and to contribute new knowledge through basic and clinical research in Periodontics.

Admission Requirements

The Department of Periodontics welcomes applications from both domestic and international dentists. Applications are accepted beginning May 1. The class will be filled by a rolling admissions process. Complete your application online and submit supplemental materials to the Department of Periodontics. All supplemental application materials must be received for your application to be considered. If you applied last year you should resubmit all application materials. Personal interviews will begin in May and continue until the class is filled.

How to Apply

The UIC College of Dentistry Periodontics Postgraduate Program will be using the online University of Illinois Application. When completing the online application, select Professional Domestic or International Professional for the Application Type. Please save your Username and Password in a secure place (you will need it to return to the application process). You will complete the

  • Application,
  • Application fee (by credit card), and
  • A personal statement (including research experience and tentative plans after completion of program).

Following is a summary of where and when to send the required application materials. It is your responsibility to ensure that all items are submitted to the proper office to complete your application. The University and Department of Periodontics are not responsible for delays in receipt of materials due to incorrect mailing.

You must compile ALL of the required supplemental application materials and submit them in one envelope to the program director, rather than sending parts of the application.

For best consideration, complete your application online and submit supplemental materials to the Department of Periodontics by August 31, 2013. Applications will be accepted until the class is filled. All supplemental application materials must be received for your application to be considered.

Send ALL supplemental materials to:
Dr. Praveen Gajendrareddy, Postgraduate Program Director
University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Periodontics (MC 859)
College of Dentistry
801 S. Paulina Street - Room 458
Chicago, IL 60612.

Please include these supplemental materials in one envelope:

  1. National Board results: Part I required of all applicants; Part II desirable. Please have the report sent to you (do not open the envelope), and include the un-opened report with the supplemental application materials.
  2. Three letters of recommendation: Must include form provided by COD. Letters must be sealed envelopes with the writer's signature across the seal. Please have the letters sent to you (do not open the envelope), and include the un-opened letters with the supplemental application materials.
  3. Transcripts: A transcript from each college or university you have attended is required, including summer school classes or semesters abroad. The following method must be used in collecting your transcripts. If you are submitting transcripts or academic records from a school outside of the United States, please see the last bullet point below and follow instructions carefully.
    • Request that the registrar of each school you have attended enclose a copy of your transcript in a sealed envelope that they have signed across the back. Include this un-opened envelope in your supplemental application materials. Any alteration or indication of tampering with either the envelope seal or the transcript will be considered cause for automatic denial of your application.
    • If you are currently enrolled in courses, a supplemental transcript must be forwarded at the close of each term. It is your responsibility to secure a transcript in the manner described above, and forward it directly to the Department of Periodontics.
    • If you have previously attended a postdoctoral dental program, include a copy of your certificate with the supplemental application materials.
    • If you have studied outside the United States, you must have all postsecondary schools send directly to you, all official credentials (and include with supplemental application materials), including:
      • A list of all subjects/courses studied for each year;
      • Attested copies of grades or examination results received (failing as well as passing) in each subject;
      • Maximum and minimum grades obtainable; and
      • Degrees, certificates, diplomas awarded.
    • A certified or attested copy of the academic record (in the original language) must be sent directly to you in a sealed envelope. Please include in your supplemental application materials. Those not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations. The University reserves the right to accept only documents deemed authentic. International academic documents that are evaluated by a professional credential evaluation service that holds membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) are also acceptable for application processing purposes. If admission is granted, authentic or certified copies of the original academic documents in the original and English translation languages must be submitted to the Department of Periodontics.
  4. Registrar’s Certification: Have the registrar of your dental school certify your present or past attendance in their institution, furnish your numerical rank in the class, and return the registrar's certification form to you in a sealed envelope. Return this envelope to us with your supplemental materials.
  5. Application Fee: A nonrefundable application fee is required ($60 domestic or immigrant applicant or $60 international applicant). You will have the opportunity to pay the application fee with a credit card when completing the online application.
  6. TOEFL Scores: Applicants educated mainly outside of a country where English is not the primary language must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Countries recognized as English-speaking are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada (except Quebec), Australia, and New Zealand. Have an official report of your TOEFL score sent directly to you (this report must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Services, Princeton, New Jersey 08540). Please include this report in the original sealed envelope with your supplemental application materials. In addition, we want you to have TOEFL scores sent directly to our institution (Institution Code 1851). For more information, call the Educational Testing Service at 609-771-7100. A score of 550 (213 on computer-based exam) or greater is required by all programs. TOEFL scores older than two years are not acceptable.
  7. Resume: The most recent resume should be included in the application package.

Please be aware that you can check the status of your application online. The Office of Admissions and the Department of Periodontics will not offer updates over the phone. Once you have mailed your supplemental application materials please allow 4-6 weeks for the online status to be updated. Check the status of your application.

Tuition & Fees

Information on tuition and fees is available on the university website. (Refer to the "Advanced Certificate Program" row, "Range I" column.)

The Department of Periodontics equipment, book, and licensing fees are estimated as follows:

Textbooks: $1,000.00 (first year only)

Instruments and Camera: $8,100.00 (first year only)

Upon acceptance to the program a deposit of $2000.00 is required to secure a position in the class. For candidates that matriculate into the program, the deposit will be credited to their student account. The deposit is non-refundable for candidates who hold a slot and then do not matriculate.


This program is intended to provide a source of income for eligible post-graduate students. Compensation will be 20% of collected fees (applied cash) from services provided by the post-graduate student. Disbursements will be made bi-annually for total of six disbursements over a period of three years.

Estimated salaries information for dental specialists can be found on the ONET website using the SOC code 29-1029.

Contact Us

UIC College of Dentistry
Mirria Evans, Postgraduate Admissions
Department of Periodontics (MC 859)
801 South Paulina Street, Room 458
Chicago, IL 60612