Clinical Full Time

Marcio A. da Fonseca, DDS, MS*
Clinical Associate Professor and Department Head Pediatric Dentistry,
Director of Oral Health for Special Needs Children

David Avenetti, DDS, MSD, MPH*
Clinical Assistant Professor and Postgraduate Program Director

Sahar Alrayyes, DDS, MS*
Clinical Associate Professor, Predoctoral and Postgraduate Clinic Director

Larry B. Salzmann, DDS****
Clinical Professor, Predoctoral Program Director


Non-Clinical Full Time

Linda Kaste, DDS, MS, PhD**
Associate Professor

Sheela Raja, PhD
Assistant Professor

Chuck LeHew, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor

Christine Wu, PhD
Professor, Director Caries Research


Clinical Part Time

Adrienne Barnes, DDS****
Clinical Assistant Professor

Shahrbanoo Fadavi, DDS, MS*

Mary Claire Garcia, DDS, MS****
Clinical Assistant Professor

Nicola Hill-Cordell, DDS*
Clinical Assistant Professor

Flavia Lamberghini, DDS*
Clinical Assistant Professor

Marilia Juca Montero-Fayad, DDS*
Clinical Associate Professor

Indru Punwani, DDS, MSD*
Professor Emeritus*

Dr. Maribel Reyes de Lobos, DDS, MS Oral Sciences
Clinical Assistant Professor

Ron Testa, DDS, MS
Clinical Assistant Professor

Kapil Vij, DDS, MS****
Clinical Assistant Professor

* Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
** Diplomate, Dental Public Health
*** Diplomate, Clinical Psychology
**** Illinois Specialty Board