Lab members



Dr. Diekwisch

Thomas Diekwisch, DMD, PhD, PhD
Lab Director


Dr. Luan

Xianghong Luan, MD
Lab Co-Director


Dr. Atsawasuwan

Phimon Atsawasuwan, DDS, MSc, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor


Dr. Gopinath

Gokul Gopinath, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Reed

David A. Reed, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Lu

Xuanyu Lu, DDS
PhD student


Dr. Francis

Marybeth Francis
DMD / PhD Student


Dr. Yan

Xiulin Yan, DDS, PhD
Visiting Scholar


Dr. Liu

Min Liu, DDS, PhD
Visiting Scholar


Giancarlo Ceccini

Giancarlo Cecchini
Research Assistant



Dr. Holliday

Sean Holliday, DDS, MS Sean was the Brodie Lab’s first student. Inspired by discussions with senior Orthodontics faculty member Bernie Schneider, he and Dr. Diekwisch revisited the model system of the un-opposed molar, resulting in a series of publications. Sean moved with his family to Hawaii to open an orthodontic practice.


Dr. Galang

Therese Galang, DDS, MS Dr. Galang was a Masters’ student in the Brodie lab during her Orthodontic residence. Dr. Galang is now an Assistant Professor in the UIC Department of Orthodontics.


Dr. Walker

Cameron Walker, DDS, MS, PhD Dr. Walker became UIC’s first D.D.S./Ph.D. student, after defending his Ph.D. thesis on “Tissue Remodeling and Factors Governing Tooth Movement”. Dr. Walker has received two NIH grant awards and is now and adjunct faculty member at UMKC.


Dr. Dangaria

Smit Dangaria, PhD The Brodie Lab’s most successful PhD student. By the time of his graduation, Smit had a total of 12 publications in prestigious journals such as Bone as well as Stem Cells and Development, including four first-author publications.


Dr. Li

Qi Li, DDS, PhD Liz worked in the Brodie Lab as part of a joint DDS/Ph.D. program in Oral Biology and Implantology together with Jilin University. During her time in Chicago, she completed her studies and published a paper entitled “Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) promotes periodontal regeneration and enhances alveolar bone augmentation” in the Journal Biomedical Research International.