COD students return from international rotation in Guatemala
Posted on 5/6/2014
COD students in Guatemala

Senior COD students Joe Beatty, Hussain Ali, Alexandria Balich and Cristian Pavel recently returned from an international rotation to Guatemala. The groups primary objective in Guatemala was providing dental care for 55 children in preschool through first grade. Most of the children served live in the rural Mayan village of Camunchuk. One day, however, was spent in another rural village, Nauhuala – in that one day alone, between the 4 COD students, 65 patients were seen and 118 extractions completed!

Cristian Pavel, COD Class of 2014 Vice President, remarked that “what sticks with me most is the incredible affection of these children, from day one they held nothing back. One child in particular, Nehemias, has cerebral palsy and he was a true inspiration to all of us. Not once did we see him without a huge smile on his face. Not only was he an excellent patient, but every time we would see him he would hold out his arms in anticipation for a big loving hug. We taught his mom how to properly brush his teeth since he may never gain enough co-ordination to do so.” Furthermore, learned “that in order to grow even greater as an person, I must immerse myself in new cultures and apply my skills towards aiding individuals around the world.”

You can hear more about the students experiences at a Lunch and Learn Thursday, May 8, 2014, 12:30-1:30 in Lecture Hall South. To RSVP for lunch please email Khatija Noorullah.