Celebrating A Proud Past Published by COD
Posted on 4/9/2014
Celebrating A Proud Past book cover

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry has published Celebrating a Proud Past about its history, Dr. Bruce Graham, Dean from 2000 to 2013, states that the book is dedicated “to the students, faculty, staff, patients, administrators, alumni, benefactors, donors, and friends whose commitment and devotion have made us one of the leading dental institutions in the world.

“Leadership is a constant theme throughout our history,” Dr. Graham continued, “From being the first dental school in the nation to have electric-driven dental engines and floor-mounted units, to inventions including the high-speed handpiece and ammoniated toothpaste, to founding national dental organizations, to setting the baseline standard for oral radiation safety, leadership always has been the word defining our College.”

The book recounts the rich history of the College, with hundreds of photos supplementing the text. There is a section with notable faculty of the past, and another highlighting current faculty, alumni, staff, and friends of the College. Additionally, there are articles about changes in the building, curriculum, and research mission; the importance of private support; social life at the College; student organizations; African Americans in the dental profession; women in the dental professions; and reflections by retired staff members.

For more information about Celebrating a Proud Past contact William S. Bike in the COD Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs at (312) 996-8495 or billbike@uic.edu.