James (Jim) Radosevich, PhD

UICollaboratory Profile


Research Interests

  • Head & neck cancer
  • Lung & upper aerodigestive tumors
  • Labyrithin biology in human tumors
  • Lasers and PDT
  • Human tumor stem cells


Paradise WA, Vesper BJ, Goel A, Waltonen JD, Altman KW, Haines GK, Radosevich JA. 2010. Nitric oxide: perspectives and emerging studies of a well known cytotoxin. Int J Mol Sci.; 11(7):2715-45.

Vesper BJ, Elseth KM, Tarjan G, Haines GK 3rd, Radosevich JA. 2010. Long-term adaptation of breast tumor cell lines to high concentrations of nitric oxide. Tumour Biol.; 31(4):267-75.

Trivedi ER, Vesper BJ, Weitman H, Ehrenberg B, Barrett AG, Radosevich JA, Hoffman BM. 2010. Chiral bis-acetal porphyrazines as near-infrared optical agents for detection and treatment of cancer. Photochem Photobiol.; 86(2):410-7.

Altman KW, Radosevich JA. 2009. Unexpected consequences of proton pump inhibitor use. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg.; 141(5):564-6.

Vesper, B.J., Jawdi, A., Altman, K.W., Haines III, G.K., Tao, L. and J.A. Radosevich. The Effect of Proton Pump Inhibitors on the Human Microbiota. Current Drug Metabolism 10(1):84-89, 2009.

Dr. Radosevich

Research Areas