"Lessons & Insights from a Scientist/Entrepreneur" Dr. Melbs LeMieux 
Date and Time 
Apr 3 2014 1:00 PM -- Apr 3 2014 2:00 PM
Location  Science & Engineering Offices 851 S. Morgan St Rm 1000

Dr. Melbs LeMieux has a PhD in Material Science and is a cofounder on an early stage start-up out of Stanford University (C3/nano). He is currently working at EnterpriseWorks Chicago to assist faculty and researchers in commercializing their discoveries. Melbs will be sharing his personal experience as an entrepreneur and his insights into commercialization opportunities for research in some of the following areas he has worked in such as: Display Technologies, Printed electronic, r2r manufacturing, Point-of-care. Come join us to hear insights on Melb's journey from the research lab to a startup company.