Program Description

The College of Dentistry offers a program that allows students to obtain a PhD in Oral Sciences concurrent with the DMD. Graduates pursue careers as oral health clinician scientists, conducting research and training future generations of dentists. The DMD/PhD program is a seven year program and offers financial assistance for select students. Information on curriculum and the timeline for degree completion are available on the graduate education website. The DMD/PhD program is part of the Multidisciplinary Oral Science Training Program.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must complete separate applications for the DMD and PhD in Oral Sciences. Standard application procedures apply for both programs, with the exception that out-of-state applicants are accepted for the DMD/PhD. (Out-of-state applicants are not accepted for the straight DMD.) It is recommended that candidates apply to both the DMD and the PhD no later than October 1st for admission to the program for the following fall semester. To be considered, all candidates must contact Ms. Ashley Burton at in advance of the application.

How to Apply

Complete the standard application procedures for both the DMD and the PhD programs. Note: DAT scores may be substituted for the GRE for applicants to both programs. To be considered for both programs, applicants must contact Ms. Ashley Burton prior to the application. Both applications must be completed no later than October 1st.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition waivers are available for qualified candidates. Standard rates of tuition apply to the DMD and the PhD components of the program.

Contact Us

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Carolyn Feller in the Office for Admissions. Further specifics about the PhD track and combined program can be directed to Dr. Herve Sroussi at