Prevention & Public Health

Dental Students Abroad

*UIC dental students providing oral care to children in rural Guatemala

A Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Division of Prevention and Public Health Sciences. Our faculty and staff are responsible for the planning and execution of clinical and non-cliical community-based extramural experiences and public health coursework for dental students.

Our goal is to prepare an oral health care workforce that is competent and committed to addressing the oral health needs of vulnerable and underserved populations and to play its part in eliminating health disparities. The COD engages all dental students in service- learning experiences in community-based settings in Chicago, throughout Illinois and the United States, as well as internationally. These experiences allow students to provide care to the underserved urban, rural, and special needs populations including children, developmentally disabled, HIV positive and geriatric patients.

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Caswell Evans, DDS, MPH
Associate Dean of Prevention and Public Health Sciences
UIC College of Dentistry



  • Stewardship (advocacy, development, oversight, delivery) of the prevention curriculum
  • Stewardship of the dental public health curriculum
  • Stewardship of service-learning initiatives
  • Ensuring the content and progression of the prevention curriculum is sound and appropriate
  • Ensuring the sequence of the prevention curriculum includes didactic and experiential components at each class level, first through fourth year, including International Dental Degree Program (IDDP) students, first and second year
  • Ensuring the strength of the cultural diversity curriculum


  • Managing the community-based extramural experiences for all first through fourth year and International Dental Degree Program (IDDP) students; particularly the 50 days of extramural experiences which are a rotation component of the Extramural Education course (DADM 325)
  • Developing new sites for extramural rotations necessary to assure students have options for a broad array of experiences
  • Managing and operating all activities and commitments regarding extramural rotations
  • Developing and conducting service-learning opportunities (stewardship of service-learning initiatives in the College)
  • Developing and sustaining pertinent community-based partnerships and collaborations
  • Developing and sustaining partnerships with universities, organizations, and state and federal government agencies that are demonstrably linked to fulfilling the main mission of the division
  • Facilitating volunteer community-based opportunities for students and faculty
  • Conducting conferences, special guest lectures and seminars regarding prevention, public health sciences, and extramural community-based rotations


  • Leading, collaborating, and conducting research in oral health prevention and dental public health
  • Applying for grants
  • Collaborating with College, University, State, and community partners in efforts to secure grants and conduct research
  • Developing scholarly papers, abstracts, posters, and presentations related to our main mission