The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry is an internationally recognized leader in craniofacial and oral health research. The College of Dentistry has a proud decades long history of important breakthroughs in biological and biomaterials sciences. Our faculty engage in the latest research in many cutting edge disciplines that make significant contributions to scientific knowledge and improve the health of our patients. These disciplines include anthropology, bioinformatics, biomaterials, biomechanics, cancer, developmental biology, diabetes, epigenetics, immunology, microbiology, natural products, stem cells, and wound healing. Our faculty are actively involved in training the next generation of clinician scientists who carry on our proud tradition. Our annual Clinic and Research Day celebrates the outstanding research achievements of our faculty and students in the College of Dentistry. We invite you to discover the exciting research programs at the College of Dentistry and meet our renowned faculty and student researchers.

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