Linda Kaste, PhD, DDS, MS

Associate Professor
Affiliate Associate Professor, UIC School of Public Health
UICollaboratory Profile

Research Interests

Dr. Kaste's research foci have included early childhood caries, dental workforce issues and health disparities. Her current research activities include state-level dental workforce assessment; the roles of the dental workforce in access to care and delay in detection for oral cancer and for the oral health for populations with limited access to dental care such as for underrepresented minority and HIV positive populations; and women's health related to dentistry particularly concerning the composition and education of the dental workforce.


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Kaste LM, Sreenivasan D, Koerber A, Punwani I, Fadavi S. 2007. Pediatric oral health knowledge of African American and Hispanic of Mexican origin expectant mothers. Pediatr Dent 29(4):287-92.

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Research Areas