Alison Doubleday, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Research Interests

Dr. Doubleday has a PhD in Anthropology and uses molecular genetic techniques to answer questions about ancient human health and disease, human burial practices, primate evolution and primate skeletal biology. Dr. Doubleday is also interested in educational research. Specifically, she participates in the development and evaluation of multimedia resources for anatomical sciences instruction.


Doubleday AF, FA Kaestle, LA Cox, MC Mahaney, LM Havill. 2009. LRP5 Sequence and Polymorphisms in the Baboon. Journal of Medical Primatology 38(2): 97-106.

Grieshaber BM, DL Osborne, AF Doubleday, FA Kaestle. 2008 A Pilot study into the effects of X-ray and computed tomography exposure on the amplification of DNA from bone. Journal of Archaeological Science 35 (3): 681-687.

Dr. Doubleday

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